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Beginning this weekend (8/8, 8/9), there will be an increase in the KeySpan Park parking lot rate for patrons using the lot two or more hours before the start of a Cyclones game.  The new weekend rate will be $20 per day for a full day of parking.

If you are entering the parking lot specifically for a Cyclones game during the designated Cyclones access period (starting two hours before gametime – i.e 4pm or later for a 6pm game), you will still be charged just $5.  There has been no increase in the Cyclones’ game-day parking rate.

In addition, if you park in the KeySpan Park parking lot in the early morning, but leave BEFORE the Cyclones gameday parking period (two hours before gametime), you will be refunded $10.

The hope is that the increased rate, and incentive to leave before gametime, will lead to more open parking spots for Cyclones fans closer to gametime.

As always, the Cyclones encourage fans to take public transportation to and from the games when possible to avoid the problems and costs of traffic and parking.  However, this new policy should help to alleviate the weekend parking issues some fans have been facing.

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