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Michael Scott and the Dunder-Mifflin team have shown us that an office full of wacky personalities can make even the paper sales industry seem interesting.

Now imagine if you took an actual exciting industy like minor league baseball, and got a glimpse at what goes on behind the curtain!

The Brooklyn Baseball Blog gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the brilliant maniacal troubled er, shall we say..."unique" minds that bring you Cyclones baseball.  The Blog is full of information (some would say waaaaaay too much information) regarding things like inter-office wagers, the thought process behind various promotional nights, fictional movie casting, recaps of birthday celebrations, the birth of a bobblehead, unauthorized transcripts of phone conversations, feats of physical strength, and various other shenanigans, hijinks, and general tomfoolery.

Throughout the season, players and coaches also post entries, giving fans a dose of sanity an inside look at the lives of the men in uniform -- on the field, in the clubhouse, on the road, and in pursuit of their dreams.

So next time you're orbiting the blogosphere, stop by The Brooklyn Baseball Blog to get in on the fun, in on the action, and in on the jokes.

Here are some of our favorite entries to get you started:

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