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The Cyclones are online all the time, thanks to a variety of new media entities that let fans get more information than ever before, and get it faster than ever, too.

In addition to, Cyclones fans can get different types of information at the Blog, the Cyclones' Facebook page, or the team's Twitter page.

"The internet has revolutionized the way we do business," said Cyclones General Manager Steve Cohen.  "Our online entities are the most effective, efficient way for us to communicate information to our fans, and to do so virtually in real time.  Updates that we post on Facebook and Twitter are delivered directly to fans' desktops, inboxes, and mobile devices.  If we have an announcement to make -- if there's a special offer or event we want to promote, or even a rain delay that we want to let fans know about -- there is no better way to quickly deliver that message to our targeted audience." 

Cohen further explained that "each entity provides the fans with something a little different, so that they can choose the one they like best, or surf all of them without feeling like they're seeing the same thing over and over."

The Blog offers fans a humorous look behind the scenes, chronicling the exploits (both real and imagined) of the front office staff in particular, as well as players, coaches, and mascots.  The Facebook page has become a place for fans to gather online, share their thoughts, interact with each other and with the team, and take advantage of exclusive discounts and deals for their loyalty.  Twitter allows the Cyclones to provide fans with real-time updates and announcements, and is the place fans are most likely to find breaking news...even before the press release is sent out!

"We're also creating viral video content on YouTube and on BCTV, and we're in the process of setting up chats and glogs (game logs) once our on-field staff and team is in place," said Cohen.  "Our goal is to make each of our online entites a true destination for our fans that has them checking in every day to be informed and entertained."

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