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Overcoming weather conditions, a change of venue, intense competition, familial rivalries, and carpal-tunnel symptoms, one RPS gladiator reigned supreme.

On Sunday, the Cyclones hosted their second annual Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, and were witness to some of the stiffest competition to date.

32 RPS combatants squared off in a single elimination, bracket-style tourney in the Brooklyn Baseball Gallery.  Fists, fingers, and palms were flying, as the battle royale eventually weeded out the weak until only two remained.

James "The Iceman" Crispino, Jr. -- so named after the cold-hearted way he eliminated his father, James Crispino, Sr. in the first round -- squared off against rookie RPSer "Yo" Adrienne Wilson.

Crispino led off with a rock that crushed Wilson's scissors, and then the two engaged in round after round of stalemates, reading each other perfectly, until Crispino used the stealth of the scissors to cut Wilson's paper, and her championship dreams, into pieces.

In addition to the pride and glory of being Brooklyn's greatest RPSer, Crispino walked away with a team-autographed replica Cyclones jersey and $100 in Cyclones cash.

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