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    Invite one of your “Facebook Friends” that you haven’t seen in person in too long
37    Treat an employee whose effort has gone above and beyond
36    Invite a customer who hasn’t done business with you recently
35    Help part-time workers feel more like part of the organization
34    Get in good with your in-laws
33    Offer them to your neighbor who takes in your mail while you are on vacation
32    Welcome a new neighbor to town
31    Who doesn’t love Jersday Thursday?
30    Treat your employee of the month
29    Hot dogs just taste better when you eat them at the ballpark
28    Nothing says summer like a ride on the Cyclone, and then watching Friday Night Fireworks from MCU Park.
27    Invite someone from your childhood back to the “old neighborhood”
26    Perfect place for a blind date.
25    Give your tickets as a graduation present
24    See someone performing a good deed?   Reward a good Samaritan
23    Give them to your child’s teacher as a thank you for all of their hard work
22    Watch your kid’s face light up when they get to run the bases!
21    Been working too much?  Spend some quality time with your family and catch up.
20    Offer them as an auction item to a fundraiser for a local charity or school
19    Get to know a co-worker outside of the office
18    Give them to the coach of your kid’s little league team as a thank you.
17    Offer them as an incentive for someone to give up a bad habit
16    Heading to the Mermaid Parade?  Stick around that night for the Cyclones game.
15    Bat Day Sunday FunDay…if you don’t find something you love, well then there’s just no hope for you.
14    Celebrate a birthday by having 7,000 of your closest friends sing happy birthday to you.
13    Say thanks to your dry cleaner for getting that stain off of your favorite tie
12    Grow your Bobblehead collection.
11    Take your spouse to Gargiulo’s and then to a ballgame.
10    Invite your buddy from Staten Island and make a friendly wager when we take on the Yankees
   Enhance your wardrobe with Throwback T-Shirt Tuesdays
8    Haven’t you always wanted to catch a foul ball?
7    You need an excuse to eat ice cream out a mini batting helmet.  If you try and do that at home, people look at you funny.
6    Have a catch on the field with you kid before a Sunday game.
5    Take your picture with Sandy & Pee Wee.
   Learn some new moves for Zumba class from the Beach Bums.
3    Teach your kids how to keep score
2    See the future.  Ryan Howard, Josh Hamilton, Evan Longoria, Hanley Ramirez, Jose Bautista, Ike Davis….they all started their careers in the New York-Penn League.  Who’s next?
1    Reward yourself… You deserve it!


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