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Saturday, July 13th - 6:00 PM 

Since 2014 when we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of a show about nothing, the Cyclones have become famous for our yearly Seinfeld Night.  The event draws fans from across the country - and across the globe - to the stadium known as Kramerica Industries Ballpark or Vandelay Industries Park (depends which year you've been here) for what feels more like a Seinfeld Fan Convention than a baseball game...just how we like it.  There are 8-ball jackets and man hands,  there are flesh colored body stockings and black and white cookies.  Heck we've even had babka - chocolate AND cinnamon.  This season, all fans in attendance will receive a Fusilli Jerry Figure and ALL TICKETS - including group seats - are $20.  




If you have already purchased tickets, and would like to upgrade your seats to include one of the above offers, please email and include your order number.

Merchandise - including jerseys and New Era Caps - will be on sale in the coming weeks.

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